An Apology and Reflection

“The Artist’s Way”
My writing of ‘morning pages’ (or rather, afternoon pages, in this instance)

Okay, okay!  I know.  I’m sorry!  I know how inconsistent I’ve been with posting to this blog lately.  And I apologize.  I am sincerely sorry for my lack of posts, and I will strive to do better in the future.

That being said, I want to write today’s post on one of my many activities from the past two weeks or so.  I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts… very much full of mixed emotions.  Excitement, disillusionment, happiness, frustration, boredom, etc… the list goes on.  At one point, I found myself wondering “What do I want to do right now, at this very moment?”

This is a question I rarely get to ask myself, but one that should be asked far more often.  “What do you want to do at this exact moment?”  Not what you need to do, not what you should do, but rather what your heart desires.  And I realized, with a bit of surprise, that I wanted to write.

So I escaped the confines of my normal life, sat down with a journal, and just wrote.  This practice of just writing whatever is on your mind is something I started back in January after reading this article about how to be happy in 2012.  In it, the author Gracy Obuchowicz mentions The Artist’s Way’s morning pages, and how cleansing it is just to write to clear your head.  I highly recommend the practice and wish it was something I did more of myself.  As it is, just escaping and writing this one time cleared my mind enough for me to appreciate the moment I was in and what I was living.  I figured I’d document it with a picture, hence the photo above.

Now let me ask you:  What do you want to do at this very moment?

2 responses to “An Apology and Reflection

  1. I’m very glad you’re doing the morning pages! =)

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