Beauty in India

Okay okay, I entirely fail!  Apparently people actually read this blog and want to know what’s going on, so I should probably update it more often.  As I have become more retrospective over the past couple weeks, I haven’t taken as many pictures.  I do want to share, however, the beauty that’s here.  Here we go:


So this is the view from the rooftop of the first place I stayed… Absolutely gorgeous with the sunset.
After taking this shot I tried to make it up every night around sunset to refill my water and enjoy the colors of the sky.  Sunsets, like sunrises, always take my breath away, no matter where I am in the world.

Next, a little hidden oasis…


This beautiful spot was a hidden garden in the back of one of the houses that provides home-cooked meals.  I would love a place like this behind my future house!  It was peaceful and quiet (or as quiet as India gets) and a very nice place to enjoy a meal.



My walk to the shala. I know it doesn’t look like much and isn’t as pretty as the other photos, but walking past all the unique and differently architectured houses with such beautiful green trees and flowering plants really is amazing.  It’s always a refreshing and pretty walk, which then puts me into the shala in a good mood and ready for my practice.

That’s all for now!  God willing, the next post will come sooner than two weeks from now.  Until then, take care and stay warm (especially those of you at home).

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