Into Nature

Amongst the Trees

This weekend I am escaping!  I am escaping the confines of technology, or responsibility, and of everyday life.

This weekend, I am going camping.  

Now, I know not everyone is a camping person, and frankly I don’t expect them to be.  Me, I enjoy both places: being in the city amid the bustle of tons of people and being in nature amongst the trees and the wildlife.

Right now, though, the trees are calling me.  The lake, the sun, a campfire and a tent: these are the things on which I will be happy subsisting for the next couple days.  There will be no electricity and potentially no cell phone service… GASP!  I know!  Imagine that!  A world without technology!

Frankly, I can hardly imagine it these days, with the way that everyone is tied to their iPhones, their Droids, even their basic cell phones (like mine, a Pantech Jest).  I’m not saying it is a bad thing to use technology; I enjoy my phone and my laptop as much as the next person.  What I have a problem with, though, is the extent to which people are obsessed with their gadgets, and the complete disregard that seems to ensue for nature, the wilderness, peace and quiet, and quality time spent with good friends face-to-face instead of via virtual means.

So this weekend I’m escaping into nature.  I’m leaving my laptop at home, keeping my phone on silent (or potentially off… I’ll decide when I get there), and just enjoying a good time with great friends outside amongst the trees.

Care to join my venture?  Find a campground near you, buy a tent, and have some fun!

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