A Temple and Thali

Alright, this post is a bit delayed (as in, 3 days delayed) but it’s better than nothing, right?!

This past Saturday, my teacher from back in the States brought 4 of us yoga students to Srirangapatna to see the Raganathaswami Temple.  I, for one, had never seen anything like it, and was very grateful to have such a cultural experience!  Inside was a stucco image of the Hindu god Raganatha, or Vishnu (it’s one of Vishnu’s temples), among many others and were so ornate and beautifully made and decorated.  There was also a little baby who was brought, naked, to sit on the main image of Vishnu… It kind of looked like a baby baptism does for Christians.  It was so cute!  It made me smile.  🙂


The temple from a distance


A closer view


Above the entrance








After visiting the temple, we went to Dasaprakash (Guruji‘s favorite place to eat!) for lunch.  This is what we had:


Special Thali… Deliciousness!

And – let me tell you – it was the best Indian food I’ve had to date!  Called the Special Thali, it was a huge plate filled with many different small bowls of deliciousness.  I tried them separately, mixed and matched, but mostly put rice on the banana leaf in the center, added different sauces and dishes to it, and then ate it with small ripped pieces of chapati with my hands (well, my right hand only, as you’re not supposed to use your left hand to eat).  In other words… Heaven in Indian food form!

That’s all for now.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post again soon… There really is so much to write about, just not often a lot of time!


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