Travel Tuesday: Oberstdorf

Quaint Oberstdorf

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve done a Travel Tuesday post, and I apologize for that!  But as today is Tuesday and I find myself free for the rest of the evening, I figured this was the best time to resume.  So today I will write about one of my favorite places in Europe:

Oberstdorf, Germany.

Why, you may ask, is Oberstdorf one of my favorites in Europe?  Besides the fact that it’s name is fun to say (though may be difficult to pronounce), it is pretty much the quintessential little German village.

Every morning, elderly German men walk their cows up the cobblestone main street of Oberstdorf to lead them to their pastures.  They wear lederhosen, have cute German wives (who sure know how to cook, as is evidenced by the incredible mom-and-pop type restaurants that line the streets), and are in every way perfectly German, and appear perfectly untouched by time.

Perhaps this is the reason I like this little village so much; it almost transports me back in time.

In terms of tourism, there is honestly not too much to do unless you really enjoy drinking good German beer.  I, though, have had two competitions in this town, both of which hold many memories for me and may be part of the reason it is so endearing to me.  Please bear with me as I delve into my memories and share a story from my first competition in Oberstdorf…


Time froze.  My partner, Evan, and I were at the 2007 World Junior Championships and were skating flawlessly, halfway through our final progran of the competition, when …I fell.

He leapt to avoid my head, his blade landing on my outstretched hand.  I felt nothing, heard nothing, as I was subjected to a glimpse of the hand’s anatomy.




Hurrying off the ice, clutching the open wound, I was aware of Evan coming to help me.  My track-record mind kept repeating: “We have two minutes … I can have it bandaged … we can finish our program … we HAVE to finish!”, all the while knowing that our competition had ended.

This adversity that resulted in a severed tendon to my middle finger was a devastation to us.  We were set for at least the silver medal at the Junior Worlds Championships when this adversity ended our season instantly.  It was a misfortune neither of us had ever anticipated or experienced before.  A further blow came with my first surgery and the discovery that two long months would pass before I would fully recover.  Although it appeared a tremendous tragedy, in retrospect it was something that pushed us to work harder through our return to Oberstdorf a year and a half later, where we won the Nebelhorn Trophy.

And it left me with a helluva memory!


So while Oberstdorf may not be the most touristic of places to visit in Europe, it certainly is the quaintest and the most picturesque I have visited.  And, perhaps, you may make some surprising memories to look back on as well!


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