Lions and Tigers and… Just Kidding

Lately I’ve been struck by the wildlife that I see here in just my small radius of living in India.  I don’t have a car or a scooter – a popular form of transportation here – so walking is my only means of getting around.  Given this, I was shocked when the other day I almost ran into a troop of…


How many of you thought it was a group? Or a pack?  It’s not… troop, or barrel, of monkeys.  Anyway, these monkeys are huge!  There must have been close to twenty of them walking along the road, on fences of houses, even on the stairs!  If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a baby monkey sitting on the stairs of one of the houses. 

After getting over my shock, it had me thinking of the other wildlife I’ve seen here so far.  The first I saw was this guy.  By the way, this is a little game of find-the-bird… Let’s see if you can:


If anyone knows this type of beautiful green bird (or the type of monkeys above) please let me know!  Anyway, in addition to all this uniqueness, there is one not-so-unique animal seen around here everywhere…


Can you see her?  COWS!  They’re everywhere!  They just wander the street along with the people, the cars, and the scooters.  They’ll eat the trash at the side of the road as well as the grass.  Sometimes they walk into people’s houses and restaurants. 

This is common and probably is seen as a good thing (see this story for other cow-related tales in India).  After all, in Hinduism, cows are sacred.  But to my unfamiliar eye, it is still odd to see cows everywhere having the right of way and just enjoying life wherever they want to.

So, those are all my animal updates so far besides the dogs that will keep some of us company on the walk to the shala.  Until the next adventure…  Maybe a tiger sighting?!  😉

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