India and Coconuts

Hello from India!

In an endeavor to get away for a bit and focus on myself, I find myself halfway across the world in a country I’ve never been to.  The sights, the sounds, the smells… they’re all so different from what I experience daily in the States.  I originally wasn’t planning on blogging here, but I wanted to share some of the beauty of this country.

So first… My view at breakfast:


Coconut trees so close I can touch them from the rooftop!

This is the lovely view from the rooftop where I eat breakfast some mornings.  And yes, those are coconut trees!  Not palm trees.  Did you know there is a difference?!

Anyway, these coconut trees are everywhere – so much, that I’ve already been warned not to stand underneath them in case a coconut falls on my head.  (Hasn’t happened yet.)

What has happened is that both mornings after yoga so far, I’ve bought a coconut from the coconut cart guy (yes, that’s a technical term) and had fresh coconut water straight from the source!  It’s delicious, in case you’re wondering.

So that is all I have to share for now.  More will come as I take pictures and feel like posting but until then, goodbye from the land of coconuts and warmth!

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