About Me

That’s me, attempting to take quality photographs.
(Photo courtesy of James Warren)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my photography blog!

My name is Emily Samuelson.  A brief description of me: I’m a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, I have a passion for ice dancing, and I’m an optimist.  I also love to travel, and have taken a recent interest in photography.

My intent with this blog is to post a picture every other day or so that portrays the beautiful, unique, interesting, and exquisite things around us in this life.  Then, through describing my inspiration for the photo and the meaning I draw from it, I hope to connect it more broadly to the world around us, especially those small little nuances we tend to overlook in our usually busy daily lives.

All rights reserved on all photographs, unless otherwise specified.

© 2012 Emily Samuelson

One response to “About Me

  1. Hi Emily,
    I got your comment on my blog about the map data. I didn’t know how to message you via wordpress so I hope you get this comment. I’m happy to help you with your Egypt project. eschewe@umich.edu
    Eric Schewe

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