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Focus: Hanging Basket

I’m back.  I’m back from my RV trip (see many of the preceding posts), I’m back from Skate for Hope (an incredible ice show in Columbus), and I’m back from Tennessee (where I continued my vacation with my family).

I’m glad to be back.  As much as I love to travel, there’s something about coming home to your own room, your own bed, that is incredibly comforting, especially after a month away.  However, now that I’m home, I’ve realized I have decisions to make (though, honestly, when do we not have decisions to make?!)   Continue reading

Backyards and BBQs

A Cute Mess

It’s that time of year: BBQ season!  This is Memorial Day weekend, and as the weather increasingly warms, so does our desire to spend time outside.  Throughout the spring and summer, barbecues are prevalent and people want to gather together, have a good time outdoors, and eat great food on the grill.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, surrounded by kind neighbors who were raising families.  This meant lots of kids, and lots of great memories.  Whether we had gathered for Memorial Day, Labor Day, or any day in between, there were sure to be laughter, chatting, and children running around the backyards.  Sometimes we’d have planned activities, but usually it was just mayhem.

When I was young, I loved these gatherings.  However, as I grew older (you know, being the mature age of sixteen), I found the newer generation of young kids to be crazy and the parents to be boring. Continue reading

An Instant of Perception

Falling Petals

Life seems boring sometimes, does it not?  It’s repetitive, redundant.  We fall into cycles in our lives that make it seem as though we’re doing the same thing every single day.

If you’ve never had this sensation, I applaud you!  For me, however, it seems to happen more often than I’d like.  This photo was taken last spring after I had finished class for the fourth day in a row that week.  It was the same class, the same time of day, and the same walk to and from my car.  There was nothing particular on my mind; I was just going through the motions of heading to the parking lot where my car was waiting for me, as I did every day.   Continue reading