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Backyards and BBQs

A Cute Mess

It’s that time of year: BBQ season!  This is Memorial Day weekend, and as the weather increasingly warms, so does our desire to spend time outside.  Throughout the spring and summer, barbecues are prevalent and people want to gather together, have a good time outdoors, and eat great food on the grill.

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, surrounded by kind neighbors who were raising families.  This meant lots of kids, and lots of great memories.  Whether we had gathered for Memorial Day, Labor Day, or any day in between, there were sure to be laughter, chatting, and children running around the backyards.  Sometimes we’d have planned activities, but usually it was just mayhem.

When I was young, I loved these gatherings.  However, as I grew older (you know, being the mature age of sixteen), I found the newer generation of young kids to be crazy and the parents to be boring. Continue reading

Climbing Trees and Childhood Joie de Vivre

A Monkey-ish Moment

I’ve always wanted to climb a tree.  This desire began when I was a little girl and saw the scene in The Sound of Music where Captain Von Trapp, Max Detweiler, and the Baroness are driving to the Von Trapp house for the first time.  They drive past Maria and the children all laughing in the trees, and it looked like so much fun!  What freedom there would be from climbing a tree, being up high in the sky – removed from the world – and just enjoying life!  To unleash the child within me!

I was walking through Burns Park when I heard what sounded like chatting above me.  My initial thought was, “Have I gone crazy or do birds now know how to talk?!”   Continue reading