Family RV Trip: Day 15


So I’m going to start this post off really exciting.  Ready?  This morning I started my day…  

Doing homework!

Yes, yes.  I know.  That’s exactly what you wanted to hear, right?  Well don’t worry, it gets better…

Today we were in Cody, Wyoming, which would seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere (partly because it is) and would have nothing to do.  However, I found it to be nearly the polar opposite of boring!

To begin with, we decided to go whitewater rafting down the Shoshone River.  We were recommended to use Wyoming River Trips, and it turned out to be an excellent recommendation!  They were professional and fun, everything one could want for their first whitewater rafting trip!  (Or even a second or third.)

For my family, this was our first time ever whitewater rafting.  It was a blast – I absolutely loved it!  We went down a bunch of class II rapids, with only one reaching class III status.  I’d love to do more.  Another Bucket List item: go down class V (and maybe even class VI) whitewater rapids!   Anyway, that is where this picture was shot.  With my mom and sisters panicked that I’d ruin my camera and even the river guides warning me it was going to get soaked, I decided I wanted a great picture of the splash of the rapids anyway, and was pretty pleased with the result!

After whitewater rafting, my family walked around downtown Cody for a bit while I did (not surprisingly) a bit more homework.  I met them downtown for the last twenty minutes of walking around, and was tempted everywhere I went to buy either a cowboy hat (I want a Stetson so bad!) or cowgirl boots (which are, sadly, so expensive!  One of these days…).

  We returned to the RV for a quick dinner before heading off to another first for us: our first rodeo!  Cody claims to be the rodeo capitol of the world, and whether or not it actually is, I didn’t much care.  It was so much fun, seeing all these cowboys and cowgirls trying their best to stay on their horses, get the fastest time in barrel racing, attempt to remain on a bull.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve fallen in love with country music lately, so this was definitely an amazing event for me!  Part of me wants to meet a cowboy, but sadly I don’t think there are many of them in Ann Arbor, MI.  😉

That’s all for today!  Yes, I know… no quotes today.  Apparently our humor is diminishing with the length of this trip!

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