Family RV Trip: Day 14

(Abi and I searching for bears)
(Photo taken by Ashley Samuelson)

Today was a sad day.  It was the day we left Yellowstone National Park.

We did add a few more stops to our trip before leaving, though, hitting the Mud Volcanoes, the Lower and Upper Falls, and Tower Fall.  We also saw tons of bison before leaving the park, as well as pronghorns.

And then there’s the questionable bear sighting.  I forgot to mention this in the Yellowstone post itself, but as we were leaving the Tower Fall area, there were two park rangers standing at the side of a narrow road, almost guarding it.  I was looking out the window for bears and right behind these two rangers I saw a black furry creature slumped against a tree.   Either it was a lame lone bison or I’m tempted to think it was a bear!  For the sake of this story (and the fact that rangers were preventing people from stopping on the side of the road to take pictures) I’m going to go ahead and say that I saw a bear!  Finally!!!  Sadly, I didn’t have my camera ready and we were driving too fast for me to snap any sort of picture.  So… I guess it’s my word against no one’s!  At long last, a bear!

After leaving Yellowstone, I fell asleep in the car a few times before we reached Cody, Wyoming.   The only eventful thing that happened (during which I actually was awake) is that my dad hit a partridge!  Dinner, anyone?!

We finally arrived in Cody at the Ponderosa Campground, where the wind was howling enough to make us think the RV may tip over.  Perhaps not quite that much, but it was definitely bending trees!  After dinner, I hurried over to the “Arcade Center” where they have internet connection in order to post a few of my drafts to my blog, respond to e-mails, and basically get back to civilization again.  Sadly, the arcade closed fifteen minutes after I arrived, leaving me stuck in the nearest women’s restroom to finish my work.  Yes, perhaps this trip is becoming more like RV after all!


Quotes of the day:


Me: “Bless you”

Mom:  “… No one sneezed.  That was the toaster.”

Me:  “Bless the toaster!”


Kate:  “This is Cody?!  *dripping sarcasm*  There’s so much to do in this prosperous town.”

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