Family RV Trip: Day 11/The Grand Tetons

Sun Shining on the Grand Tetons

Today our destination was the Grand Tetons!

First, however, we worried about where we were going to spend the night (after all, there aren’t any Walmarts in this area).  So we hurried over towards the Grand Tetons, driving through Jackson, WY – a very quaint, nice little city – until we reached the Colter Bay RV Park… just in time.  We claimed the second to last spot in the entire RV park.

Finally, we headed off to see the Grand Tetons.  

And let me comment: they sure are grand!  They’re massive (though not quite as large-looking as the Grand Canyon), spectacular, and snow-covered!  We hiked up to a place called Hidden Falls, where there was a huge gorgeous waterfall crashing down from the melting glaciers and snow.  Then we went up a  bit further to Inspiration Point.  I have to say, I was very inspired!  😉  No, but honestly, all sarcasm aside, it truly was a beautiful view.  It reminded us all a lot of New Hampshire (where my family lives).

The Hidden Falls’ Waterfall

At the end of hiking up and down the Grand Tetons, we headed back to the RV to cook dinner where (as my clumsiness prevails once again) I burned me fingers at dinner, causing them to blister up.  All is well, though, and I shall push the pain aside and not let it affect my trip!


A bit of today’s family comedy:


Kate:  “What’s in Jackson?”

Me:  “Your ex-boyfriend.”

Katie used to date a guy named Jackson.


Seeing something dark on Ashley:

Me: (to Ash)  “What’s on your leg?”

Dad:  “Ah!  It’s a leech!”

It was a fuzz.


Pulling a two-day-old pie out of the over where it was being stored:

Katie: Fresh out of the oven!


Mom: (to Ashley) “I don’t think you have a big nose.  I think you have big ears.”

Ash: “I have big ears?!”

Kate: (Pointing a camera at Ashley)  “Hey Dumbo, look here!”

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