Family RV Trip: Day 10

The Waterfall at Nunns Park

So we (sadly) left Zion this morning with the intention of driving over nine hours up to Jackson, Wyoming.  Upon looking at the map, I realized that we’d be driving right past Provo, Utah, where a good friend of mine lived.  We decided this would be the perfect place to make a pit stop.  

So we headed off on the road, playing games, reading, and sleeping again, stopping at one gas station to refill and empty the not-quite-full-yet trash.  We returned to the car, and Ashley suddenly asks, “Where’s my book?”

“I could swear I put it right by the TV with my sunglasses… Matter of fact, where are my sunglasses?!”

Thus began a search for the missing sunglasses and book, which to this point are still MIA.  I’m willing to bet anything, though, that they fell into the trash can that was below the TV as we made one of our sharp turns… and it was thrown away.  Which wouldn’t be the biggest deal in the world if the book she was reading wasn’t Katie’s!  😛  I personally think it’s hilarious, but Katie wants Ash to buy her a new book.  In my opinion, forgive and forget, or at least ask for a different new book in exchange for the lost one!

So, while that ultimately was not that riveting of an experience, the most exciting part of our day came when we stopped outside Provo at Nunns Park, where I met up with my friend and fellow Olympian, Chris Fogt.  Chris showed us around the park that he visits fairly regularly, a beautiful place in Provo Canyon that includes the waterfall shown above, where we were able to climb up the rocks a bit.  He described how you can climb all the way up the rocks to a cave at the base of the waterfall, which I wanted to do so badly!  (The mini-cave can be seen in the initial photo at about dead center.  In the close up below, it’s at the bottom right, near where the water ends.)  Unfortunately, we were limited in the amount of time we were able to stop, so we spent our time walking the dogs (Abigail loved the water and the rocks, as she always does) and enjoying the fresh air.  For me, I was extra grateful for the stop and the opportunity to catch up with Chris again, as it’d been awhile since we’d seen each other; it was great to see him in his own city.  After all, it would be a crime to not meet up while we’re driving right by, actually in this half of the country!

Nunns Park Waterfall: Close-Up

After stopping at Nunns Park, we continued on our way up to Wyoming.  The rest of the trip was uneventful besides seeing a gorgeous sunset and then driving around in frustration trying to find a place to stay.  Just when we were tempted to pull off into a business parking lot, we came across Flat Creek RV Park, in Middle-of-nowhere, Wyoming (just kidding, it was actually Thayne) which, despite only having two other RVs staying there, had the nicest bathrooms we have seen yet on this trip!  The other benefit of being in the middle of nowhere, away from civilization, is that I saw the most stars I have ever seen in my life.  The sky was just filled with bright dots of light, speckling the sky with constellations!

The numerous stars (I only wish my camera could have captured it all!)

If it’s reminded me of anything it is this:  To take more time away from cities, civilization, and craziness and to just enjoy the beauty that can be found in our night sky.


Quotes from today:


Katie: “Emily Samuelson.  Causing trouble since 1999.”  (Correcting herself)  “1990.”


Preparing lunch, after I had used my fork to get a pickle and then put it in my mouth, while Ashley apparently wanted to use it for a pickle also:

Katie: “Now you have to get your own fork, unless you want Emily’s cooties!”

Me: “My cooties are fine!”

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