Family RV Trip: Day 9

Entrance to Zion

Today we drove to Zion National Park, starting our day early with the hopes of having a lot of time to hike and enjoy the scenery.  On the way, I figured I’d work on editing a few photos on my computer… and was greeted with a black screen.  My computer wouldn’t start.  With my heart in my mouth for about an hour, I worked on trying to repair my laptop, and prayed to God that I didn’t lose any of my photos.

My computer finally turned on, and I immediately spent the following hour saving all my pictures to a memory card.  In the meantime, the rest of my family worked on planning out our day and figuring out what we were going to do.  This was what was decided:  

  • Katie, Ashley, and Emily walk around Zion for a few hours while Mom, Dad, and Grammie walk downtown with the dogs.
  • Mom, Dad, and Grammie go to Zion and overlap with Kate, Ash, and Em for about an hour or so.
  • Kate, Ash, and Em go back to the RV to walk the dogs and then go downtown while Mom, Dad, and Grammie continue walking around Zion.

So we all headed our separate ways!  A more details on Zion will be coming in the following post, but suffice it to say that it was a long, beautiful, fun day.

When Katie, Ashley, and I returned from Zion, we walked downtown the orders from our mom to pick up a bumbleberry pie.  What is a bumbleberry, you may ask?  Well, I’ll give you the description that came with this unique pie:

“A Bumbleberry is a Burple and Binkel berry that grows on a giggle bush … As for the taste, they said that we would have to consider the Bumbleberry as being the plumpiest of plums, the cheeriest of cherries, the razziest of raspberries, the peachiest of peaches, and so on ad infinitum … And finally, the single most important fact about a Bumbleberry is that at the precise and precious moment when they become ripe, the giggle.  And, if you’re eating a Bumbleberry at that precise time, you would spend the rest of your life giggling, and knowing this to be quite impractical, the little Bumbleberry creatures control the harvest of the ripe berries very, very carefully.”  ~Bumbleberry Bakery; Springdale, UT

Needless to say, my sisters and I were very excited to try this infamous pie!  To distract ourselves before dinner – and to cool off – Katie suggested that we jump into the river nearby.  After our fun creek adventure a few days ago, I thought this was a great idea!  Until we got there, and I noticed all these little fish-type creatures at the bottom of the one-foot deep river, which Katie said were suckerfish.


Why in the world would I want to go swimming in a river that had fish that would suck onto me covering the bottom?!  At least, this is what Katie and Ashley said they would do, and as I didn’t have any way to double check the truthfulness of this description, I decided the pool was a better swimming option than the river. (I just checked now… according to Wikipedia, there are three types of “suckerfish” and it wasn’t any of them…)

But, of course, Katie jumped in anyway and told us we had to also, since she did.  After literally diving into the river and sprinting out of it to avoid being sucked, we headed back to the RV and our much anticipated pie.

Just to clarify things, a bumbleberry pie is actually a mixed berry pie, not a pie made out of bumbleberries that grow on a giggle bush.  For those of you who were skeptical.  🙂  And it was quite good!


A few of our funnier moments of the day:


Trying to clear off the plastic cups (we label our cups with our names) on the counter:

Mom: “Okay guys.  Smelly.  Who’s Smelly?”

Kate: “Ashley.”

Mom: “Ashley, do you want this milk still?”


After discussing the nine first dates I had been on in a six week period:

Mom:  “Emily, don’t look outside!”  (As four guys walk by.)


While playing Hearts, describing my grandmother being given the queen of spades again:

Ash: “She ate it!  For breakfast lunch and dinner.”


Me: (Reciting from Wikipedia) “A Bumbleberry is a pie made of mixed berries.”

Kate: “What?!  I thought there was a bumbleberry tree?!”

Ash: “Dad!  What about the bumbleberry tree?!?”

My dad had told everyone that he had seen a bumbleberry bush in Zion National Park.


Katie: “Oh shoot!  What’d you use to cut the pie?”

Mom: “A knife?”

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