Family RV Trip: Day 8

A Bit of Sedona

Today we strolled Sedona.  As in, walked up and down the town.  It wasn’t extremely exciting, as at 8:00 in the morning not much was open, but I’d like to think I added to the morning excitement!

I twisted my ankle.  Twice.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m naturally clumsy, despite being a figure skater, and if you didn’t believe me then, hopefully this post will convince you!  The first time, I was walking down the stairs of the RV, excited to go out to see Sedona, and then – BAM! – suddenly I was down!  Then, not 20 minutes later as we were strolling around the town – SPLAT! – I was on the ground having tripped over a curb.  Same ankle, not fun (except for my sisters, who were given plenty of opportunity to laugh at me!)  Luckily there does not seem to be lasting damage besides maybe slightly pulling my calf.

After Sedona, we headed up to the Hoover Dam.  My sisters, grandma, and I ambled across the dam so Katie could see it closer and take good pictures of the bridge (she was informing us as we went that the Hoover Dam Bridge – also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass – was built from both sides and then met in the middle).  We stopped briefly in the gift shop where I bought Kate a very early birthday present (her birthday is in December): a postcard book of the building of the bridge!  (Note to self: Do not forget that you have already bought Kate most of her birthday gift by the time December rolls around.)

View of Hoover Dam Bridge from Hoover Dam

We jumped into the RV again and were on our way.  I wandered over to the fridge to grab a water when suddenly… I tripped over my computer wire.  Clusmy act #3 of the day!

Eventually we crossed into Nevada and decided, since we were passing it anyway, to drive through Las Vegas.  Viva Las Vegas!  This actually was my first time ever being in Vegas, and it looked surprisingly very easy to navigate, and was much smaller than I’d envisioned.  It’s definitely like a grown-up playground, though, with its giant hot air balloon, mini Statue of Liberty and mini Eiffel Tower, castle, lions, and many resorts and casinos!

Bella thoroughly enjoying Vegas

From Vegas we went on to Utah, with the intention of driving to Zion National Park to spend the night.  We had plenty of time before check-in closed at 10:00 pm, so we stopped at a Walmart (our favorite store!  :P) to restock our groceries and supplies.  My dad dropped us off to buy everything while he went to grab dinner and suddenly (he told me later) my laptop came crashing to the floor!  Not good.  Not good at all.

To add to it, My body decided to mimic my laptop…  On the road again I went to reach for something in a cabinet when all of a sudden – FLOP! – I nearly took out Ashley where she was sitting on the couch!  Clumsy act #4, and just more opportunity for my sisters to tease me.

While I tried to let my laptop (and my pride) recover, we drove all the way into Zion on these gorgeous windy mountain roads.  We arrived at 9:15 pm – perfect timing – until I glanced at my cell phone and mentioned the impossible.  It was 10:15 pm.

We had stayed in one time zone!  We were still in Mountain Standard Time!  What we’d failed to consider (which took me about five minutes to remember) was that Arizona doesn’t recognize Daylight Saving Time, while Utah does.  After a lot of frustration and dead ends and trying to find a place to park for the night, we ultimately ended up heading back to our saving grace – Walmart – to spend the night and wait ’til morning.


Some of our funnier moments of the day:


Referring to the pulp/stringiness of dried mangoes:

Katie: “It’s furry stuff.”

Ashley: “It’s fairy staff?!  Do you get sick from it?”


Me: “You know what I feel like?”

Katie:  “Ice cream.”

Me:  “Yeah.  How do you do that?!”


Me: “It’s the blue hour!”

Mom: “What’s the blue hour?”

Me:  “There’s an hour every morning and night that the sky turns extremely blue and there are some gorgeous photographs taken at this time.  So in the photography world, it’s become known as the blue hour.”

Kate: “Question: Isn’t the sky always blue?”

(Update on this: It’s not a full hour every morning and night, but is rather a period of time – twilight – where the sky is a beautiful deep blue.)


Kate:  “So bad news bears, guys.  My water bottle is leaking.”


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