Family RV Trip: Day 7

Incredibly Inviting
(The creek where we just had to go swimming!)

On this lovely Sunday morning, we woke up to the sound of blue herons fighting above our RV.  It was fine, though, since we knew we had to get going for the day.  The first thing we were going to do in Sedona was rent ATVs!

My mom, my dad, and my sisters and I all went to the Sedona ATV & Buggy Rental where we had two two-person buggies and a traditional four-wheeler ATV ready to go for us.  After getting a quick tutorial and a map, we were on our way!

This was my first time ever doing any sort of off-roading… and I loved it!  I preferred the single ATV to the two-person buggies; I wanted speed!  We all took turns driving each one, though, and being a passenger (except Ashley who, at 15 years old, was designated navigator).  And you will never guess what we spotted on our first stop to change drivers.

A coyote.

I kid you not!  I really wish I’d been able to snap a photo, but apparently they are skittish creatures and he (she?) quickly scurried off.  My sisters and I have mentioned several times how Arizona seems to have a lot of Pride Rock (from The Lion King) looking rocks, which makes me want to elaborate and say we saw a hyena!  But this would not be either plausible or truthful, so I’ll stick with coyote which is cool enough.

We went off-roading on a few trails until we reached the Honanki Ruins.  These ancient ruins show a bit of the old housing structure they used to have; they made bricks with the red stones and put them together with a mud-type substance to make walls.  They also drew on the stone a lot and you can see traces of moons, people, deer, and other such symbols and drawings.

Honanki Ruins

Finally, after about four hours of ATVing (is this a word?  If not, then like “RVing”  it is now!) we headed back to the rental place.  On the way back, we stopped to change drivers, and you won’t believe what my dad ran over.

A rattlesnake.

I am not joking!  A diamond-back rattlesnake!  All of us wish we could have seen it too, but it slithered into a bush upon being hit and we were too afraid to approach an enraged rattlesnake just for the hope of seeing it.  So we let it be.

My favorite ATV

After we returned to the RV camp, my mom and grandma went to do laundry (a total of eight loads!) while Katie and Ashley decided to go swimming in the creek (see the gorgeous picture above, before this post starts).  I hadn’t been to the creek yet, but knew I had homework to do so I tagged along to take a few pictures and then would return to the RV to get my work done.  While we were there, the sun climbed higher into the sky and beat down on us through the trees to the point that I was boiling and was desperately wishing I’d worn my bathing suit under my clothes.  However, after watching my sisters swing into the river on a rope that was hanging there, and feeling how refreshing the water was, I thought “Screw it” and decided to jump in anyway!

Me ruining the perfect picture of Katie’s jump
(Photo taken by Ashley Samuelson)

Which turned out to be an amazing decision!  We were swimming in the creek, jumping in on the rope, splashing each other (or at least I was splashing them as they jumped it), and just enjoying the water to the point where we didn’t ever realize the time!  We finally arrived back to the RV about two hours later, soaking wet but very happy.

To end the night, the family voted to watch the movie RV starring Robin Williams.  I’d never seen this movie before, and while it is definitely funny, I can be grateful that none of the things which happened to them have yet happened to us!  However, our trip less than half over, so I suppose I shouldn’t say anything yet!


Quotes of the day:


Getting lunch:

Kate: “What are you having?”

Me: “I’m going to have a lettuce wrap.”

Dad: “How does a lettuce wrap?”

Kate and I: (Look at each other in confusion)

Dad: (Attempting to rap) “I saw the cuc-um-ber go by…”


In the creek:

Ash: (to Katie) “Yo, child, I need you!”

(Katie is 20, 5 years older than Ash)


Me:  “I’m not going to marry a guy just because he’s rich!”

Dad: “I married Mom ’cause she’s rich.”

Me: “(Knowing a punch line was coming)  Rich in..?”

Dad: “Rich in beauty.”


Talking about the importance of having good qualities:

Ashley: “No, but Mom.  What are my qualities?”  (To the rest of us)  “I have lots so this might take awhile.”

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