Family RV Trip: Day 6

A Sedona Moonrise

This morning we woke up in the Grand Canyon and definitely packed our day full of sights, as I wrote in my previous post.  After we had our fill of this incredible location, we headed off to our next destination.

As we were driving, there was a significant change in terrain, which is crazy to me since we stayed in Arizona the entire time!  We started in a desert-type location where all we could see was sand in miles around.  We even saw a dust-tornado!  (Okay, so I just looked that up.  According to Wikipedia, they’re called either “dustnados” or “dust devils.”  Dust devils!  How cool is that?!)  Then, suddenly, it looked as though we were transported back to New England – all we could see were trees and woods as we wound down mountain roads.  It really amazes (and confuses) me that the terrain is so varied.

Finally, we arrived in Sedona, Arizona.  This little town is so cute; to me it seems like the Lake Placid of the Southwest!  All of these quaint little boutique stores and cowboy cafes and saloons line the streets in a stuccoed southwest-type style, with the red rocks of Arizona in the background.  We didn’t have time to stop and wander tonight, but instead went to our campground to check in.

The first instruction we read on our check-in papers is: no barking.  Ha!  Yeah right!  We proceeded to spend the rest of the night trying to shush the dogs every time they barked at every passerby, dog, bird, or animal they saw.

Oh, also, our spot in this campground was right underneath a few trees of nesting blue herons.  What I did not know about blue herons was that they poop.  A lot.  We expanded the RV’s awning and pulled the picnic table underneath it and sat down… and suddenly Ashley and I (the two sitting on the table facing the RV, so near the edge of the awning) felt something splatter on our legs.  How a bird’s excrements managed to splatter all the way over to where we were sitting is beyond me, but let me just say that it is an experience I have never had before and hope never to have again!

A nest of blue herons
(Photo taken by Joanie Samuelson)

Another update: there are also bugs here.  Since we’re no longer in the actual desert but there are trees and shade, bugs (especially flies) seem to abound.  So we finally have a Fly Killer update:  Ash is still at 6, Kate still at 1, and I am up to 5!  Catching up!  We lost our fly-swatter, though, which could prove to be problematic as we head up north on our trip.

Finally, to end the day, we saw a gorgeous nearly-full moon rise over the red rocks.  This is the photo that I have placed above.  It was so picture-perfect that I could not resist.  This absolutely beautiful moonrise gave us all a sense of peace and calm before we turned in for the night.


A few quotes:


Kate: “They’re laughing at us!”

Me: “Why?”

Kate: “They’re saying ‘We’re going to poop on your head!'”

Me:  “Mom and Grammie?!”

Kate:  (Laughing) “No!  The blue herons!”


Eating dinner:

Kate: “What is it that you get if you eat undercooked chicken?”

Me:  “Salmonella?  Crazy chicken?  Like mad cow, but the chicken version.”


One response to “Family RV Trip: Day 6

  1. I think the format the blog has taken since you’ve gone on the trip is slightly more text-heavy than necessary. Possible idea: Begin with a photograph (or more) and then into a conversation tidbit and then connect back to your day. Maybe more detail and insight about one particular thing that happened or you saw or heard, etc., instead of a recap of the day. Sedona Moonrise is an amazing image!

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