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Family RV Trip: Day 6

A Sedona Moonrise

This morning we woke up in the Grand Canyon and definitely packed our day full of sights, as I wrote in my previous post.  After we had our fill of this incredible location, we headed off to our next destination.

As we were driving, there was a significant change in terrain, which is crazy to me since we stayed in Arizona the entire time!  We started in a desert-type location where all we could see was sand in miles around.  We even saw a dust-tornado!  (Okay, so I just looked that up.  According to Wikipedia, they’re called either “dustnados” or “dust devils.”  Dust devils!  How cool is that?!)   Continue reading

The Grand Canyon

Abi Enjoying (or squirrel hunting in) the Grand Canyon

If I could even attempt to find words to describe the Grand Canyon, they would be: breathtaking, stunning, gorgeous, extraordinary, magnificent.  And words to describe me: awestruck, dumbfounded, speechless, astounded, stunned.

The Grand Canyon is incredible.  It’s no wonder it’s listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  We stopped at a few scenic points on our way in, and all we could do was look around ourselves in awe and say, “Woooooooooooow!”  Abi was interested in seeing the canyon too, much to our amusement and that of other tourists.  Every time we said “Look!” she’d jump up on the railing with her ears perked, searching the canyon for what she probably hoped was a squirrel or rabbit somewhere amongst the rocks!   Continue reading