Family RV Trip: Day 5

A Grand Canyon Sunset

This morning we awoke bright and early (darn those dogs of ours) in Page, and decided we couldn’t stand another day of sitting, so my sisters and I went for a run.  Now, I am not a runner.  I typically despise running, actually.  I will swim, walk, bike, hike, skip…nearly everything except run.  But today, it felt amazing!  My body needed exercise so badly.  Until this point, my physical activity had consisted of a bit of ballet in the RV and jumping up and down curbs at every gas station we stopped at!  

After our run, my sisters and I grabbed a taxi to the Glen Canyon Dam (my parents were on the raft tour this morning instead of yesterday).  Katie absolutely loved it there; they describe the building of the dam and all the mechanics of it, and as she’s going to be a civil engineer, she just ate it up.  For Ash and I, it was pretty interesting, but we were looking more at the landscape and the view of the canyon than the intricacies of the dam and the bridge.

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Bridge

Once my parents arrived home, we packed up the RV and headed off, but made a quick stop at Horseshoe Bend.  There’s a short little hike over a very sandy hill to get to the edge of the canyon, but this pit-stop was far worth it.  We hiked over the hill in the scorching heat, our shoes filling with red sand with every step until finally, we were there!  And this is what we saw:

Horseshoe Bend

Absolutely stunning, beautiful view of Glen Canyon and the Colorado River, the path that we had travelled by raft just the day before!

With this breathtaking view in our minds, we hiked back to the RV and headed off to our next destination: the Grand Canyon.

More details on the Grand Canyon and our experiences there will come in the next post.  But let me just say: it made Glen Canyon look like an ant.  This place definitely deserves to be counted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.  We stopped at a few scenic views on the way in and they were extraordinarily breathtaking.

We finally settled into our campground, had a very late (again) dinner of 9 pm, played a family game of Golf, and the got ready for bed, all while observing a very spectacular sunset in Grand Canyon, AZ.  (See the picture above; the blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows were too brilliant to pass up!  After all, it’s the small little things that can make a stressful night beautiful.)

Oh!  And we have a new RV game we play!  It’s the “Are We Level?” game.  Every time we park the RV for the night, my dad has to level it.  And every single time, it feels as though the RV is tipping.  We have gotten into countless arguments as to which way it’s tipping, how much it is tipping, trying to see in a water bottle if we are really tipping…all of which end with my dad saying, “The RV says we’re level, so we’re level!” and ending the game.  =P


Today’s random bits of conversation:


Katie trying to decide what to wear:

Ashley: “Why not that shirt?”

Katie: “It’s too yellow.”

Ashley: “Are you an idiot?!?”


Mom:  “The ghost towns are just run-down, deserted towns.”

Katie: “That’s kind of like East Wakefield.”  (The town in New Hampshire where my family lives).


Katie: “Look at the pee!”

(Ashley and I look at each other in extreme confusion… After all, who would want to look at that?!  Turns out, she meant “P” – there was a giant “P” painted on the canyon.)


2 responses to “Family RV Trip: Day 5

  1. matthewschaible

    This is so cool! I am so jealous. Back when I was in grammar school, my family always talked (somewhat jokingly) about doing an RV trip to the Grand Canyon. 😦 It never happened though. It is definitely on my bucket list though…. and now that I have seen what I’m missing out on, I want to go even more! Is the Hoover Dam on your itinerary? I know it is somewhere out west along the Colorado River. If it is, make sure to do some research here: !

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