Four Corners, USA

Being in Four Places at Once

So this morning we stopped at the Four Corners monument.  For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s where the corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah all meet.  Which is entirely awesome for people like me who always want to be in two places at once.  In this instance, you can be in four places at one time!  (Though, technically, you’re standing in one place, in just so happens that in that one place your feet are touching four states’ lands.  So four states at one time?!  That doesn’t sound as cool…though it is still pretty neat.)  

We walked up to this monument and there is basically this little plaza-looking place with a bunch of plates (not like dinner plates, but metal plates) on the ground with different state engravings, including the state names.  At the very center is a small little circle with a cross – where the state lines meet – to show you exactly where you can stand in four places at one time.  (There are rumors that this is not the actual place where the state lines cross, but the government’s Bureau of Land Management mandates that these claims are false.)

After a few – or many – pictures taken of us being in multiple places at once, we decided to walk around a bit.  Three of the four states’ lands are owned by the Navajo tribe while the fourth is owned by the Ute tribe.  Therefore, the Native Americans set up small little stalls for a mini-bazaar where they sell their goods to tourists.  Most of these are things they themselves have made.  My sisters and I each bought a bracelet while I also bought a sand painting depicting the Four Corners.  I was able to watch one Navajo woman make one of these paintings; she described to me where they find the stones and how they grind them up to make sand in different colors (e.g. the turquoise rock makes turquoise sand, the red sandstone makes red sand, coal is used to make black, etc).  Overall, I was highly impressed, so decided this would be a perfect purchase by which I could remember this monument.

The only other exciting thing to happen at Four Corners was that Ashley’s camera broke.  Katie dropped it (well, Ash says Katie did and Kate says Ashley did) and it now does not work at all.  At least her broken camera has a story behind it, and was broken in four states at once!

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