Family RV Trip: Day 3

The “Oasis” for RVs
(Ours is the one in the middle)

Another day on the road, and what a day it’s been!

We awoke bright and early at the Oasis RV Resort in Amarillo, Texas.  (This is where the photo above was taken.  It looks like Texas, does it not?  And kind of looks like an oasis in the middle of the desert, sans spring of water).  We hit the road as soon as we could; after all, we had a full 11 hours to travel to Page, Arizona, including a stop at the infamous Four Corners!

The morning hours passed uneventfully, with more playing of cribbage, as well as the game Fluxx.  We also spent time reading and napping (I know… We’re a fun bunch).  We finished our drive through Texas and entered New Mexico – the first time I’ve visited this state!  The landscape changed almost immediately with the inclusion of plateaus, canyons, and lots of red rocks.

We ate lunch on the road, making sandwiches in the RV, and were just past Albuquerque, NM when suddenly my sisters and I realized we were far warmer than we’d been an hour ago.  Actually, we felt warmer than even fifteen minutes prior!  Ashley stood up to see if the AC was running just as Katie and I noticed the microwave wasn’t on.

The generator had stopped working.

Yes, that’s right.  We were in the middle of the desert in New Mexico with no generator.  Roasting by the minute.  Toasting, if you will.  One of the first thoughts to flash through my mind was, “We’re going to die!” 

We made a few attempts at fixing it ourselves (okay, so my dad made a few attempts at fixing it himself) – all were unsuccessful, as the problem was a ‘code 45’ and required us to see the dealer.  So my parents made a few calls and we found out there was an engine manufacturer/service-and-parts shop not very far from us at all.  Even more proof that we had a guardian angel looking over us: the one technician who was certified to fix our generator happened to be 1) working that day and 2) available to see us right away.  Further, they happened to have a brand new generator of the exact same version we had.  It ended up being a four hour delay, but it could have been far worse!  (<– Optimism!  Actually, it’s far easier to be optimistic in hindsight.  At the time, with no AC, I was not quite as positive.)

Dad Trying to Fix the Generator

We spent our time trying to reroute our itinerary, as there was no possible way we could make it to see the Four Corners before dark.  All us opted to stay the night at a Walmart parking lot, visit Four Corners tomorrow, and then continue our trek down to Page to embark on a raft tour, the timing of which almost works out better than our original plan!

So, overall, besides a brief heart attack and illusions of dying of heatstroke in the New Mexican desert, everything worked out for the best.  We’re currently all set up in the Walmart parking lot.  The RV is expanded (it moves out to become nearly twice as wide as it is when we drive… it’s like magic!) and I now am about to set up my kitchen-table-bed.


I shall leave you with some quotes/conversations of the day:


While Kate and I were playing cribbage this morning:

Me:  “Darn.  You’re winning.”

Kate:  “As it’s supposed to be.”

Me:  “No, I’m the oldest.”

Kate:  “First is the worst, second is the best!”

Me:  “… Third is the one with the treasure chest?  Does this mean Ashley’s going to be rich?”

Kate:  “No no no… Third is the one with the hairy chest.”

Me: (laughing hysterically)  “Can I please record that on my blog?!”

Kate:  “Hey Ash – Would you be okay with the world knowing you have a hairy chest?”

Ashley: (confused)  “… but I don’t have a hairy chest!”

Kate:   “No, you do.  So would you be okay with it?”

Ashley:  “I don’t have a hairy chest.  Maybe if I were a guy it’d be okay ’cause they all do…”

Kate:  (interrupting)  “Ash.  Just answer the question: Yes or no?”

(After ceasing our laughing, I finally gave Ashley a bit of context – see the preceding conversation.)


Parked close to a stop sign:

Kate:  “Wow, we almost hit the traffic light.”


Eating dinner; I wanted to get out to throw away my trash; Katie was sitting next to me on the bench blocking me in, and wouldn’t move despite my repeated asking:

Kate: “I swear I am going to punch you.  One of these days I’m going to snap!”

Me: (Laughing, as my sister is one of the least violent people I know)

Katie: (Resumes talking about something entirely unimportant, in my opinion, ignoring my request to get out of the bench, and therefore also ignoring her food of which she only had one bite left)

Me: (Snapping – though only slightly)  “EAT YOUR BURGER!”


Strange rumbling-type sound:

Dad: “Is that Ashley or the water pump?”

Me:  “It’s Ashley.”

It was really caused by the water pump for the shower.

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