Family RV Trip: Day 2

Driving Towards “Oasis”

“Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain…” ~Oklahoma!  (Yes, that is Hugh Jackman in the video!)

Last night we spent the night at Village Creek State Park in Arkansas.  Our time in Arkansas was brief but interesting, to say the least!

First of all, there was a toad in one of the stalls of the women’s restroom (if you ever visit this park, avoid the first stall!  The toad was still there this morning!)

Second, we had to work out sleeping arrangements.  I ended up literally sleeping on top of the kitchen table.  Okay, so that may be slightly misleading.  The kitchen table can be set down to line up with the benches, and then the bench cushions can be placed on it as a make-shift bed.  It actually was far more comfortable than I expected, and at least I didn’t have the dogs sleeping on top of me as Ashley did!

Third, when we woke up this morning, my sisters and I decided to go for a bike ride.  As we’re riding along on our bikes, we were singing and re-enacting the “Do-Re-Mi” scene from The Sound of Music (see about three minutes into the video).  A bit later, as we were exploring a bike trail, a doe darted in front of our bikes!  (This, of course, spurred another round of slightly-off-key singing of “Do-Re-Mi.”)

Finally, we hit the road.  So far on our try we’ve seen a nuclear power plant, a brush fire, a bunch of cows, and lots of farms.  I have to say, though, that the landscape is becoming more and more beautiful!  Halfway through Oklahoma the rolling pastures just extended into the horizon as far as I could see.  We’re now in Texas, heading for the Oasis RV Resort (supposedly the best RV park in Texas) and they’re still just as pretty.

Driving, Driving, Driving

Oh!  “Fly Killer” update:  Ashley still has 6, Katie has 2, and I’ve moved up to 3!  And I’m happy to report that the entire RV is free of large annoying flying bugs.

The only other relatively new update on which I should probably report is that Ashley taught me how to play the guitar!  I’m so excited; I already have tiny little calluses on the tips of my fingers and I can – hesitantly and awfully – play one song!  Now I just need to work on buying myself a guitar when I get home.  And actually improving.  This is a hobby I’ve wanted to pursue for some time now and just haven’t made the time to start learning; however, when you are spending ten to twelve hours a day in an RV, time is all you have.


And to conclude, a couple hilarious quotes from the day:


Me (craving ice cream): “You know what we need?”

Katie: “Ice cream?”

Me:  “Wow.  That was creepy.”


Me: “Smoke her out!” (Referring to trying to “smoke out” the queen of spades as we were playing Hearts)

Katie:  “… Did you just say “sauerkraut?!”

*courtesy of “RV-a-phone”*

5 responses to “Family RV Trip: Day 2

  1. Your RV road trip adventure sounds like so much fun! If you are going to pass through Fort Worth while you are in Texas I would suggest that you check out the Stockyards ( My family and I went there a couple of years ago and it was fantastic!

  2. I really liked this post. Not only did you make your trip sound interesting, but you wrote it in a way that was funny and made me want to keep reading. I thought you rhetoric was really personal, which is something that I like to look for in a blog, where one has the freedom to be less formal. I like when bloggers take advantage of this built -in informality, and really insert themselves into the writing. My one critique would be I’d like to see more pictures! I can almost picture the endless landscapes of Oklahoma, but it would be really great if I could see some pictures of them, or maybe of the brush fire, or the doe. I still really enjoyed this post though. Well done!

    • Thanks! I’ve been working on my rhetoric and my voice, so I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I want to post more pictures! Sadly, with the little (and poor) internet connection we have, it’s taking me awhile to download even one. I’ll be working on posting more as soon as I can! I think each post should have more too.

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