It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


This is the view from my window right now.

… Okay, so it’s not exactly the view from my window in that I’m not staring at a deck that walks out onto the beach with the Atlantic Ocean in front of me.  But it is precisely how my window looks at this moment: drenched with rain.

Where is our 85° sunny day?!  What happened to the beautiful summer weather?  I could swear that the Weather Channel had said nothing about rain!

Oh wait… Now it’s a thunderstorm.  

This should not surprise me in the slightest.  I’ve lived in Michigan since I was five years old, and the volatility of this state’s weather is a topic that is incredulously discussed by even the most native Michiganders again and again.  In fact, it’s reached the point where I now keep in my car at all times: an umbrella, flip flops, sunglasses, a rain coat, a winter coat, rain boots, gloves, and a bathing suit and towel.  I am not even kidding you.

So today, I awoke and somehow happened to remember that I needed the oil changed on my car.  I hurriedly drove over to Sears Auto with the intention of jogging back to my apartment, but was slapped in the face with a curtain of rain the second I stepped out the door.  My immediate thought was  “Weather, you shall not win!  I’ll just run through the rain… What’s a little water after all?

And so I did.  I dropped off my car and, upon noticing that the rain hadn’t let up but rather intensified, I sucked in my breath and ran out into what felt like a waterfall coming from the sky.

Rain can be depressing, as it’s wet, sometimes cold, and can ruin plans.  However, it can also set the stage for some incredible memories.  I will never forget my friends, Nazifa and Katy, and I dancing through a storm on campus since we knew we had to get home and the rain was not lessening in the slightest.  Well… I was dancing.  And singing “Singin’ in the Rain” (because what else can you sing as you’re dancing through the rain?!).   I will also never forget some of the storms on the beach, such as when this picture was taken.  During a few, my family and I would run out into the pouring rain to drag in the deck furniture, or at least push it against the rail so it wouldn’t blow away.  My sisters and I would often stop and lean into the wind, which at times would be so strong you could lean at a 45° angle!   (And then fall on your face the second the wind let up a little!  That may or may not have happened to me…)

So if it’s raining, do not despair!  Memories can still be made, and they usually involve many good laughs when reminisced upon.  Or, at the very least, you can stay inside where it’s nice and warm and stare out your window at the unique distortions made by the pouring rain.

P.S.  It’s sunny again now.  Go figure!


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