Ripple Effect

Effects of a Raindrop

**Warning: This post is not going to be about the science of capillary waves, skipping rocks, or any other such water-related things.  Rather, it will hopefully be a metaphor for how I am perceiving life at this moment.**

Have you ever observed raindrops on a pond?  Or even what happens when a rock is thrown into a lake?  The clean, smooth, perfect surface of the water is suddenly pierced, and from that puncture a ringlet of ripples emanate around it.

I find life to be much the same.  We are born, we have this entirely clean slate, and then suddenly our clean slate is pierced by something.  Anything.  Whether it be a person,  an event, a decision.  Our life is suddenly influenced.  And from this change in our life, we see many resulting developments.  Some we never predicted could happen, some we hoped and wished would occur.  But no matter what, our lives seem to be a continuing ripple.  

From one decision comes another, followed by a third, and then a fourth.  We make changes as different situations come our way, much like the ripples in a lake or pond will be interrupted by and will go around a rock or a leaf.  Suddenly, we are far from where we started – though not in a negative way.  Instead, we can see just how wide the effects of that initial event have gone, how much we have grown and matured, how much our lives have transformed.  We look back at that first occurrence in our minds and can see the myriad of directions in which each ripple of a decision has taken us.

Just like that raindrop that pierces a smooth surface of water creating a multitude of extending ripples, so do we have decisions followed by events followed by decisions followed by people; a ripple of life that stemmed from somewhere and yet continues to influence itself.

I took this photo a year ago on a day when it had poured but then settled down to just an occasional drop or two.  It is actually a shot of  a tiny puddle in the parking lot of my apartment complex.  Before, I just thought the picture looked cool.  Today, however, I find it has much more meaning.

Today is a day when I am looking back, seeing the ripples of my life and where they have taken me, who I have met, where I have gone, what I have done.  Today I can see that, even though some things in life must come to an end, they inevitably lead us to more and more, to countless more ripples that we cannot yet foresee.  I take comfort in this fact and am optimistic in looking toward what my future holds and where it will lead me.  I’m excited to let the ripples not only continue, but grow wider, guiding and evolving and enhancing my life with each passing moment.

2 responses to “Ripple Effect

  1. What is the blue stuff in the water? It looks interesting

  2. It’s actually the blue-painted line for the handicap spot in the parking lot in front of my apartment! To take this photo, I knelt down and got as close as I could, which resulted in it appearing as though it were a larger body of water than merely a small puddle in the parking lot.

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